Erin Flynn Streamline. Design. Profit.

Does this sound like your life currently?

You’re making way less $$$ than you need to be for the amount of work you’re doing and you feel like you might be better off playing guitar on a street corner–and you’ve never even held a guitar. (Don’t stop believin’.)

You’re not sure when you last wrapped up work before 2am, what a weekend is, or if you have children. (Who ARE these small people with sticky fingers in your house?!)

Projects are disorganized and you’re responding to clients in your email, on Facebook, via text message, and they’re even hitting you up on Instagram. (OMG, STOP!)

Scope creep is out of control and that “simple” website is now an ecommerce site with membership and soon you’ll be turning it into the next social media platform. (Too bad you’re not getting paid like Zuckerberg!)

It does not have to be that way.

You can make more money in your web design business without adding more work to your schedule, turn that side-hustle or hobby into a real business, or crank up your income on what you’re already doing–even if you can only work part-time!

I teach you how in Streamline Design Profit.
Streamline Design Profit is a step-by-step course designed to help YOU raise your rates by streamlining the admin work, and selling the value you provide your clients. Everything from attracting the right clients, to closing sales, to managing the project, to handing the completed website off to your ecstatic clients is included.

What you won’t learn? Generic BS that kind-of-applies-but-not-really that they teach in other programs.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You don’t have to make more complex websites in order to command premium prices.

You don’t need better design skills.
You don’t need better (or any!) coding skills.
You don’t need to learn fancy new software or switch platforms.
You can sell the same websites you’re currently making for a lot more, if you simply learn how to deliver results and a great experience for your clients.
Which is what you’ll learn in Streamline Design Profit.

Streamline Design Profit is designed specifically to help you raise your rates and become a high-end designer (because most web designers are under-charging!)

It’s time to stop playing small. Make more money this year.

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